Rhea Marmentini - El Dragon Statement
El Dragon De La Calderona is an experimental land art project, 350 square meters art studio and gallery, structure designed and built by Spanish, Hungarian sculptor Rhea Marmentini over an eight year span from 2005 to 2014. Constructed just above the little town of Gilet, outside Valencia, Spain in the Calderona Mountains. It is a harmonious integration of architecture and nature within the mountain forest inspired by the architectural style of the world renowned Antoni Gaudi.
Maria Marmentini Atop El Dragon De La Calderona

Part of it's mission is to rehabilitate the land from the ravages and damages from an accent quarry that formally inhabited the site using a symbiosis between art and nature that is expressed in Marmentini's organic sculptural language. Her work is continually dissolving into the natural surroundings as the vegetation envelopes it. The Land-Art piece is in a continual transformation of integration with nature and becomes a reflection in the search to try to find, through harmony and equilibrium, a balance of differences and tensions between nature, the environment, and modern civilization.

The primary concern of the project is to inspire and educate, activating people to be more creative, aware, and environmentally responsible in all aspects of life. The project is an Arts & Nature Resource Center, offering art classes, shows, lectures, special events and recruiting artists, musicians, writers and scientists to contribute in various projects.

Consideration to environmental sustainability has been a main concern at the onset of Marmentin's project and is intended to raise awareness about the fragile nature of the place with it's solar panels and organic sculptural shapes that relate to all aspects of 'environment', such as the formal context of political, historical and social elements.